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Friday, December 02, 2005

Been Much Too Long

Yes yes, we know, its been too long since we updated this area of the site. But people, let us assure you that we have been busy, and the thrill of blogging had take a back seat to getting cool spots on the air. But worry not, the push has been made and this blog will transform into a viable living breathing site. Check it out every week or so.

We don’t know if y’all are in the know, but a while back we found this quirky german site that lets you create yourself in South Park form. Obviously, we OD’ed on it, and did everyone in the office of back then.

So here it is, us like we were not so long ago.

Can you name everyone? Can you name the key missing characters? You just might win a prize if you can.

And just click here if you want to join the fun and do it yourself: South Park Studio


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