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Friday, December 09, 2005

Nice To Meet You…

Hey there. How you doin’? Long time no see.

Wait a sec, have we been formally introduced? I think not. We’re PS 260. No, not the school you schmuck, the post house.

But who are we really? Well, why don’t we start a little blog installment called (fanfare and drumroll please)

Inside the Rooms.

Today we will feature macdaddy Bryan Wetzel, proud proprietor of Edit Room Three.

Obviously you can check out his work back at the PS site, so lets get to know his room. Tons of hidden treasures here, like Ghananian Barbershop Art.

And the Tizzle himself.

Something crazy in the corner.

A growing collection.

And the rustic mirror that puts it all together.

And what would an editor be without a faithful and sarcastic assistant? Nothing. So meet Patrick as well. He loves long walks on the beach and is a kavorka for yellow cats.

And unbeknownst to most of you, this infamous team performs a double duty, being the master architects for the rooftop garden (which will be lengthily featured in better weather conditions). For the time being, their work has centered over the elegant Cactus Corner.

And the newly flowered Plumeria (Frangipani to some).

Beautiful, huh?

Booyakasha, Biaches.