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Monday, December 19, 2005

Hot Holiday Action

Much to our surprise, the holidays are here again.

So we had our annual par-tay.

And as dusk settled in, so did we for some glorious Secret Santa.

Maury got a snazzy GI Joe T Shirt, and guessed correctly whence it came from, Dave Moore.

Barbara enjoyed her new plant.

Jenna loved her new scarf hat gloves combo from Zarina.

Patrick almost wept upon receiving his beanie from Ria.

Warren got nailed by a black book and markers.

Ned got some delicious reading with Bar Mitvah Disco.

Jason fumed joyously with his arch nemesis beanie thanks to Jenna.

Dave prized his He Man dvd, well gifted by Sarra.

Patrick Lavin pondered the mysteries of his new Bonsai.

Mitch delightedly tried on her new Sherlock Holmes hat.

Ronan proudly displayed his butterfly gun care of John Z.

Marlin’s Lost t-shirt will arrive shortly, Nicole assured him.

Sarra tried on her smoking cap and Fela Kuti album.

JJ sat speechless with his Woody Allen documentary.

John showed off his new sculpture from the 'Cess.

Erik loved his trifecta of shirt, mirror, and Noam Chumsky and thanked Mitch just so.

Zarina could not wait to open the six different cooking hot sauces that Dustin purveyed.

Nicole bubbled over her flap hat.

Princess swiftly digested her raw food cookbook from absent (on vacation) Bryan.

Robert honorably accepted his Sibley’s North American Bird Guide, a noble present from Patrick S.

Madeliene got a slick new Ipod case from her partner in crime Ned, and guessed it.

Ria adored her chocolates and gift card.

Ben ho-hoed with the delight that only a bootleg Badder Santa can purvey.

Dustin got an enigmatic photoshopped picture with a shirt on the way (and new kix from Brandname).

So many hats!

Those were all the gifts, but the night had just begun, we all hopped on the F to go the charming Tio Pepe’s for some delicious holiday grub.

What a dinner.

How good does that fresh Guac look?

And those Sangrias and Margaritas? De-lish.

The Partners gave speeches, those cool cats.

And could this be a most awaited part of the night? The bonus giveaway? Why yes it is. Incredible.

What great times.

Even though its bye bye Dave.

Higher-Power-Whatever-That-May-Be-For-You bless us, everyone.


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