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Friday, January 13, 2006

Into The Mill

Wednesday, runner extraordinaires Ned and Madeleine were busy keeping the office together.

Little did they know PS 260 was going on a fieldtrip to the Mill party.

Mostly the younger crew made it out.

And entered the Mill elevator which is somewhat infamous in PS lore for reasons unbloggable.

It ended up being a bit more low key, more reception than party, but the pear Martinis did flow.

And the cheese and crudités spread rocked it with normal Mill client services style. (they had a full sushi table as well that went unpictured).

Dustin enjoyed the TV fire.

And met up with flame artiste David for some band swapping. (Matisyahu and Wolf Parade were mentioned).

Princess and Sarra made it in a bit later.

Just around the time Ned left to be captured on Close Circuit Television.

Happy belated Mill holiday party! (they rescheduled because of the transit strike).


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