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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Birthday Sandwich

On August 22, 1980 God brought a little something special into this world and created Robert Ryang. The world rejoiced and 26 years later, the employees of PS 260 rejoiced as well.

For the last 4 years, Robert has asked for a big sub sandwich for his birthday celebration instead of a cake. And every year, when he got a cake instead, his face fell, and not in the subtlest of ways. This year we finally pulled together and got him a big sandwich.

We all waited patiently in the kitchen for his arrival. We remained steadfast in our silence so as not to ruin the surprise. (Sarra even hid.)

You know Jenna and Nicole were psyched.

But Robert kept not showing up. "Where is he?!" we all whispered. "Oh I think I hear him coming," somebody else said quietly.
He was pacing the hallway, on the phone with Dustin (who was at The Mill at the time).
He even drifted towards the kitchen, and we didn't know if we should jump out and yell "Happy Birthday!" or just stay clustered in the corner.

So we stayed clustered and said, "What the hell?"

But finally he emerged, telling Dustin, "I've gotta go, people are waiting for me in the kitchen," and acted surprised.

Upon seeing the Big Sandwich, his face lit up like we'd rarely seen.

(Though we also got him a regular cake [Superhero-themed] to go with it.)

Everybody celebrated the glorious day and had some sandwich-and-cake-and-ice-cream.

To some people's surprise, the entire sandwich was eaten... and only half the cake!

We told Robert we'd give him a dollar if he ate both (with ice cream) in one mouthful.

Not one to shy away from a dare, he piled on the Haagen-Daaz vanilla.

And threw in a He-Man for good measure.

We all owe him a dollar now (small price to pay for such entertainment).

Happy Birthday, Rigoberto!


Blogger mick grosz said...

Yo Dude, this is adrians aka adro aka adropuffs dad here, and im just looking at your blog for the first time as he never sent me to look at it before ..its looks like great fun there on 5th ave..dont u people work?/ but there isnt enough pics of my boy ,,u see i just dont see him that much these days ..i gave him a camera but he never sends me pics..says its "to big and he dosnt carry a purse" so tell him to sell it on ebay thats were it came from!i wanted to come visit this summer but he had "house guest" like all summer and soon there will be so much snow here in buffalo ill never get out till like if u can put more pics of him on your blog that would be great starting to forget what he looks like , i sure hope he doing a swell job and if somone can throw him a few more bucks a weeks that would be a good thing as well..he just started paying back those students loans u know..and living in manhattan..damn..thanks for your time...Mick

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