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Monday, July 31, 2006

Whips, Nice Shoes and Roni, Oh My!

So people sometimes get out of line, and when they do, we have a disciplinarian “clients be good” strap just for the occasion.

We also like to bust out with the hipness, and accessorize thusly.

But when you combine the two, its almost unstoppable! Watch out, and remember to Respect My AuthoratAY!

Which brings to summer. In Postproduction, that can only mean one thing: Nice Shoes BBQs.

Yes, these hallowed events pack it in.

But the burgers never dissapoint.

Neither do the cameos. Faces of PS of old peppered the crowd. Take out old runner Joe.

He seems well, now assisting at a rival house.

And old Ass. Pro. Lauren, now producing for Grey.

Thank you, Nice Shoes!

Then we got the surprise we had all been waiting for, the illustrious return of All Day Buffet producer, Ronan.

Oh how we missed him so.

He’s been out stormchasing for a Discovery Channel reality TV show on, well, storm chasing. Nice to have you back, Roni.

And stay tuned for a very sad and special post soon about our dear old Bry Bry.


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