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Friday, April 14, 2006

The End Of Something Beautiful.

We thought it would end, that come some week, we would not post more f-ing birthdays. Well Marlin from brandname certainly ruined that. Look at his surprise.

At the delicious birthday cupcakes.

We were a bit disheveled, and Patrick had to light the candle right then and there.

But it was a success.

And in the reverse angle, please note that P-sauce kept a good distance from the flame (see post below).

Marlin, Happy Birthday!

Which brings us to some very sobering and somber news… Patrick Stinson has left the building.

Yes, after two and a half years of joyous sarcasm and unPC-ness, the wonder years must end. Patrick really broke the mold: He came in for an interview, and we explained that after some bad fast hires, we were going to intern him for a couple of weeks to make sure he clicked, only to be hired on the spot once JJ shook his hand. With no video experience, and only one month as a runner, we felt he was ready to be a full assistant. And finally, after buying the flowers for the office for a bit, we let him design and build the roof garden (okay, bryan helped with that one). Really, get a load of this guy.

And now, to the going away party. Patrick cracks up old PS Asst. Producer (a title called Ass. Pro. by some) Lauren.

While Bryan checks out what he thinks is important.

And Madeleine disapproves.

Bryan continues his rakish ways with Patrick’s sister Olivia.

Jenna gives her crazy giggle face.

And we strike a pose.

Look at Mitch’s intensity.

Could it have something to do with this?

Or what happened after that to create this other one?

Or did super client Jesse have anything to do with it? (he didn’t, but it makes better blog drama)

Madeleine gets it. She’s down like a mother f-in’ clown.

And right at the end, erik makes it in to give his best bugs bunny impression.

Patrick, we know this might be how you feel. But this is a heartfelt goodbye. You shall be missed.

There he goes, the man, the myth, the legend. Patrick Stinson.


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