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Friday, February 10, 2006

The Birth Trifecta

Yes, people be gettin’ down ‘n dirty in June, ‘cause we got lots of February babies. Three birthdays in the next week. So we busted out the cupcakes.

And all gathered together to wish our three cuties B-Dayers the most happiest birthday of everland!

Happy Birthday Barbara! (Feb. 6th)

Happy Birthday Bryan! (Feb. 10th)

Happy Birthday Patrick! (Feb. 11th) Doesn’t he just look overjoyed?

So we ate.

And drank.

And Maury loved the cupcakes.

And all was well in the world of PS 260, at least for a bit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

With Adrian back there's only one needed addition. -john aka "Lil John" aka "Johnny Burn-out"

6:38 PM

Anonymous Sarah said...

I revisited the trailer remakes today for fun, and the West Side Story one isn't working anymore! That made me sad. Sad sad pony.

What gives? :(

2:27 AM


dearest sad sarah,

tom collela, editor of that spectacular mash up, left us for better pastures, so vindictive as we are, we took down his shit. HA HA! teach him a lesson.

(but worry not, look it up on, and view it to your hearts content, safely on someone else's server).

7:56 PM


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