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Monday, February 06, 2006

The Prodigal Son Returns…

Don’t we all have daughters? Don’t we all cry when it rains?

Because we all had to start somewhere, right? Way back then, do you remember when YOU were on the bottom? We do.

So what better way to commemorate post-ness beginnings than by showcasing our current line up of awesome runners.

Madeleine (watch that spelling) loves getting caught off guard while diligently ordering the next Fresh Direct Order.

She came to us via Durham, North Carolina.

And she’s proven to be quite the catch. Don’t let her dry sarcasm catch you off guard.

Then there’s young Ned (-ediah Springfield). He ventured to our office through Bean Town, aren’t we glad we have him too.

He’s an Eagle Scout, so respek, and don’t let his innocent demeanor fool you, cause he’ll bring it. Oh yes, he’ll bring it.

Which brings us to our newest recruit: Adrian.

He got here through Ann Harbor.

But he’s not exactly that new, he worked here last summer as an intern, and has returned in full glory to Run Run Run. Beware, he’ll bring the hipness with a quickness!


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