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Friday, March 03, 2006

Oscar Pool Blowout!

Oscar time at PS is always rather exciting. The Oscar Pool consumes us in an overly nerdy way, but whatever we're all A/V Nerds. This year, we decided to let other Post Companies in on the fun, and they responed with the same zeal. Look at all the entries!

And of course, with all those entries means all the Money!

450 american! Thats double last years take. Incredible. With all this outside competition, we hope that PS can keep this in the family. i guess we'll see. also, if you want to try at home, pleas use the official ballot. Note the weighted categories.

The man to beat here is star picker Maury. He has won two years. Let's see the breakdown:

2003: 3 Way tie Dustin, Maury, Ronan
2004: Bill (ex-assistant we let play)
2005: Maury, again.

Stay tuned for the winner and prize ceremony next week.


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