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Friday, February 24, 2006

Dab Nammit, Enough With The Birthdays

What is up with people making sweet sweet love in the vicinity of nine months ago? I guess it’s those hot summer months when all you want to do is procreate to create the future work force of the PS Companies. I just feel like we’ve only been blogging birthdays recently.

Yes, stellar runner Madeleine has finally turned 18.

She’s finally legal, too bad she has a boyfriend.

The cup cake blow out ceremony was wonderful.

You know Nicole loved it.

And then, one week later, who but the loveable brandname grouch turned the big Quarter?

Warren! He thought he was coming up for a meeting to work the week end.

But happily rejoiced that it was his turn to blow out the cup cakes.

We were late on the card.

But he still enjoyed it.

Like Madeleine did.

Okay. Enough. Happy Birthday.


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