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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Princess Flame.

It seems all this blog really has to give is… but of course, birthdays. So here comes another one.

It all seemed like a normal PS birthday gathering… the furtive signing of the card, the lies told to the birthday girl to get her in the kitchen, the even more difficult gathering of employees to the kitchen during business hours to wish her a happy day. But we all made it there, and happily so.

Princess was brought in and feigned her surprise.

Overcome with glee, she leaned over to blow out the candle on her vegan angel cake,

… and we all watched in slow-motion horror as her ebony locks actually caught flame and were set ablaze by a misfit candle.

Fortunately, Ronan was around to save the day.
And a good thing our blogmaster used this opportunity to try out his frame-by-frame filming.
Happy birthday, P-Cess. Watch out for those rebel flames.


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