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Friday, May 19, 2006

Gardening For Borgman

Well, spring has finally rained in.

So plans are now in place to shape up our roof top for summertime. It’s like getting your body to look good in a swimsuit.

And here are our master planners now.

Assaying the land.

Arranging the look.

Fighting over final picture.

And going off to get dirty together.

You know Jenna’s excited. Or something.

Which brings us to a very nostalgic part of our entry, concerning pimp juice Ned.

His mom so loved his last appearance on the blog, when all the chickadees fawned over him, that she demanded we include him in his favorite childhood pastime: riding the mall merry-go-round. She says he used to just sit there, stoically, not even on one of the horses, preferring the gentle swan… over and over again. Oh the memories.


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