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Friday, May 12, 2006

The Changing Of The Guard.

Don’t know if you noticed, but our stellar editor Jason Kileen has been out for about a month. Most of it was for work, four-walling away from the PS several spots for’s new push against google. But he also took a week for his annual Golf Post Production Invitational. These guys don’t mess around, so much so that they all get uniforms. Check out Kileens team.

It looks simple, but it’s more of a concept idea: Master’s Caddies. Not so shabby.

But their nemeses (which includes Sound Lounge’s Glenn on the right) outdid them with a feat of golfing creativity: white trash truckers.

And the third team just disappointed us all, with the uninspired and drab khaki shorts and polos.

After a week of golfing and good times, its obvious here that Jason is truly psyched to come back to work.

As you know, this blog is also obsessed with the PS quality of flowers, look at these close ups.

Does it remind you of something.

No, seriously, what does it remind you of? Know what yonic means? Look it up.

Anyways, John Zieman, interviewed about his thoughts this year’s NAB, gets quoted in two articles for this week's Shoot, so you should check that out. (or the our own version of the trip, two posts down).

Then, in a wonderful surprise, the Stinson himself arrived for some garden planning.

He seems well, a bit more tan, but still his irascible self.

Sadie also made an appearance.

Still cute as a mother f-in’ button.

Which brings us to yet another sad moment in PS history: Madeleine, “the Mad-villain,” is leaving our glorious office.

But who is this?

What is she doing?

Nooo, she wouldn’t.

Ooooh, snap. She did.

Totally replaced. Live, here on the blog.

Don’t worry, no real Mad-villain’s were hurt in the photoing of this post.

But we have found a new runner, the glorious Emily O.

She comes to us from the virgin state of Virginia, through NCSA, or North Carolina School of Arts to you.

Welcome to the team, Em.

But goodbyes, how sad they are.

Jenna here doesn’t know what she will do with her little Mad-villain.

But Mad-V assured her it would be okay.

Princess, rarely wanting blog appearances, actually asked to have her goodbye commemorated.

Oh Mad-villain. You’re surly wit, the dry sarcasm, the low key charm…

It shall all be missed. Good luck with your piloting career, and visit often.


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