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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Cuteness Arrivals

While working hard over the weekend we had a surprise visit from a gorgeous rat with wings, haughtily perched on Bryan’s couch like a demanding client.

We tried to get him out but he’d made friends with the mannequin.

It took John’s laptop corralling skills to get it to the hallway…

and out the window. Sadly, the final takeoff is unpictured.

Our next visitors flew in from LA: we four-walled (for those of you unlucky enough to work out of the biz, this is the fancy term for “rent an edit suite”) the famous Kirk Baxter and infamous Matt Murphy from Rock Paper Scissors.

Here Kirk shows who’s top banana:

Then the cuteness overload began: What the f is that?? A squid? An enormous rat? Robert Ryang?

No!! It’s Sadie, Rob and Molly’s new pup. Aren’t these girls adorable?

Rob was a bit nervous about the responsibility

but you know he loves her.

Sadie, aren’t you the cutest?

Or are you? Maury’s gorgeous one-year-old Hannah gave Sadie a run for her money.

She seemed a bit overwhelmed.

Because of all the attention—everyone had to come say hello.

Fortunately her nerves didn’t affect her appetite.

Hannah, you beautiful girl, come back any time.


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