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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Trailer Tradition Lives On

It's been awhile, hasn't it? Let's get up to date. Last Thursday was the viewing party for the annual AICE Trailer Park contest. You may know this as the contest for assistant editors that launched PS 260's own Robert Ryang into internet stardom and was the subject of this blog's first entry. Last year, 2 peeps from PS placed (Rob in 1st and Tom Colella in 3rd) out of the 5 who entered. The challenge is to take one of the 9 assigned movies and cut a trailer for it... as a film of a different genre. This year the contestants were Ned, Jenna and Princess. You can watch some of their trailers here and here.

Rob and Dustin came along for support and cocktails.

The place was jumpin'. All kinds of networking was going on amongst the free pizza and gin and tonics.

We chatted with lots of folks, most notably a newly-promoted assistant, Ian, from Crew Cuts who ended up winning 2nd place with a blaxploitation comedy version of "Enter The Dragon." It was truly fab.

Also at the party was Paul, representing Avid and all its glory. He and Dustin got a little wacky together..

Soon enough, the party really got started... an hour of trailers.

After all the fun was over, we decided to make use of the taco truck outside. A real coworker-bonding experience.


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