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Friday, October 07, 2005

Tom Does It Again

Tom was uncontent to let sleeping dogs lie, so he just had to work it one more time. Actually, he was contacted by the director of Cabin Fever, who saw that his music was used on the West Side Redux, who wanted a spoof of his own. So with out further ado, here it is:

Lo Res Style

Hi Res Style

Enjoy, goofballs!

E Dog Bust HIs Own Thing Out

Yes, young Erik also can cut side projects. Take a look at his new fun claymation thingie

Lo Res Action

Mid Res Action

High Res Action

Yeah. You know we keep it fresh like that.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Truth About The Virus

Just so we are clear here:

The AICE only intended the trailers to be viewed for a private audience. They had no intentions for internet audience to view them and PS 260 did not intend for these trailers to be made for promotional or monetary reasons.

We put the links below because all of you were already coming and looking for them anyway. So enjoy.