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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Promote That B-Day

Moday this will all be explained...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Baby Baby Babies!

So we totally got invaded by babies. What f-in' cuteness! Look at JJ's beautiful Tyger in his mommy's arms.

And Marlin's tiny Ozzy in his mommy's embrace.

Zoe and Nicole make a cute couple as well, huh?

And the roof got used yet again for photo shoot. This time for Karl Lagerfeld, though im not sure if he made it in.

And in honor of the World Cup, we all wore green.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Praha Lovin

Well guys, did you miss your PS 260 fix last week? So sorry, but things have just been crazy these days. Anyways, this weeks installment comes from all the way across the pond.

Yes, in a very tight schedule for a new Dell campaign, we had to send our very own editor Maury to Prague! Lucky Dustin went as well to assist, and we’ll let him fill us in on the details:

Well, we got off in the wrong terminal, so we Airtrained it over to Czech Air (the actual carrier, not Delta, who just issued the tickets).

After some serious delay, 45 min. at the gate, and another hour on plane, we finally got underway.

Both Maury and I were not to pleased to find this young lady and her little friend would be right next to us for the entire 7 hour flight, our allergies acting up, but we survived.

Arriving at our hotel safe and sound, albeit done with obvious jokes: Got your ticket? Czech. Where’s your passport? Oh, I don’t know, let me Czech. How was dinner? Fine, it just took forever to get the… you get it.

And what a hotel. The rooms all come with a computer and a dvd player.

And an orchid. Stinson would be lovin’ life.

The lobby’s pretty sweet.

And the roof deck offers killer views of the city,

And the hotel itself.

Our first day there was our only nonworking tourist time, so Maury went off to explore, while I took a dangerous nap (later that night I awoke at 1am wide awake for the next 5 hours). After the refresher, I went out into the great streets of Praha searching for adventure, only to come head to head with, who new, Czech hippies, banging on drums.

I crossed the infamous Karluv Most, or Charles Bridge to you and me.

Tourist action here is insane, it almost feels like there are no Czech people.

And wouldn’t you know it, just like my trip here a year ago, a soon as I step on this bridge, it rains. Some sort of stephens-karluv curse.

Oh, and the Czechs take their begging pretty damn seriously, this guy did not move at all.

Next I hit this main square.

Which houses this awesome clock.

That once again, tourists flocked to like starved piranhas.

I also had a taste of this delicious Czech sweetbread.

Roasted right before your eyes, rolled with sugar and vanilla.

Hit up the old jewish section, though too late to actually make it into anywhere.

That’s the famous Jewish Cemetery, if you squint hard enough.

And this crazy park, with some sort of soviet oil power symbol in the middle.

The next day, we went in to check out our Prahian digs, and sure enough, we were editing in a closet, but the avid works, and that’s all that really counts.

The set was pretty cool.

With tons of extras.

And I even got to do my part. (not really).

On the car ride home, I sparked a camera frenzy when the agency noticed me taking long exposure pictures, and totally aped my style.

Kinda starving, maury and I hit the restaurant next door.

Which featured a pleasant little table on the roof.

The next morning, we hit the amazing Aria Hotel spread.

With its ridiculous watermelon decorations.

And once more hit the studio for a set work day (they are not short),

While Maury cut, I watched master director Filip Engstrom work.

Czech craft services has some weird little quirks. Like this hot dog impaler machine. You thrust the baguette on the spike, then stick the hot dog in.

And the full on pork spit.

The set also featured fun little golf carts.

Which I took for a spin. (not really).

And on the way home, we caught an amazing Czech sunset.

Walking around looking for some place to eat, we randomly hit upon one of the hippest spots of Praha dining, Kampa Fish. They had these cool lights.

Invisble chairs.

And even the very same lamp that we have in Maury’s office.

The walk home garnered us this church money shot.

Which brings us to today. More set craziness.

Up until lunch.

If you bring a magnifier, you can see that this caterer has fed all the recent greats: from hell, van helsing, hellboy, and lets not forget about the mind boggling XXX.

And do you all remember high school lunch cafeteria sectarianism? It's even worse on set. The Talent over here, technicians over there, extras in another tent, editors in the middle... it feels so teenage angst.

And that’s all for now, folks. See y’all in a few days.

Blogmaster, back to you.