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Friday, March 24, 2006

Cookies, Cuts, and a Crazy Cat

If you have never been to Da Sixty, then you have missed out on one of the worlds most amazing daily rituals: The Dessert Platter.

Doesn’t this look amazing?

What about this one?

We even switch up the directional flow.

Damn! They taste so good.

Look at one of the three artists at work, Mr. Adro Puff the Third.

In other news, we hope you remember all star runstress, Madleine.

Well, she wen all make over on us.

Welcome to the PS, Madeleine Degeneres.

Also, Assistant extraordinaire Eric turned itno a crazy blind man.

When he had ocular difficulties.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Pimp Juice…

Yesterday, Ned was corralled by a herd of lovely coeds. His sister came into the office to peek at our glorious digs, accompanied by all her university friends, who fawned over our illustrious runner.

I wonder who the sister is?

Friday, March 10, 2006

And The Oscar Goes To…

Well, before the Oscars, the arguments were heated: Could Brokeback sweep? Did Narnia really deserve makeup over Star Wars? Paul Giamatti or George Clooney?

All these questions and more were answered on Sunday. Monday, everyone eagerly awaited for Poolmaster Stephens to tally the results.

And what do you know, but PS 260, with a large amount of outside competition, stayed on top. Producer Mitch Stockwell hit the $375 jackpot with a stunning 52 points. She nailed 5/6 on the coveted four pointers, a tremendous 6/6 in the 3 pointers, and nice and tidy 7/9 of the 2 pointers. Wow! She deserves it.

Second place went to the Poolmaster himself (we checked his ballot for monkey business and he passed) with 49 points. His downfall was picking Brokeback over Geisha in cinematography, the one mistake that did him in. But he did beat 48 other people, so he got a cool $125.

Last year’s winner, Maury was distraught with his 4th place showing.

As a company, PS did very well, holding in most of the top ten (though we had few people in the way bottom). Do you want to see how it all came out? Okay;

1. Mitch S., 52 Points, PS 260
2. Dustin S., 49 Points, PS 260
3. Marlin L., 48 Points (+3 tie breaker), Brandname
4. Maury L., 48 (+5 tie breaker), PS 260, 1 one-pointer
5. Sarra I., 48 (+6 tie breaker), PS 260
6. Luis Jose S., 47, (PS 260, brother of Dustin)
7. Bill B., 46, (ex-PS 260 Worker) 1 one-pointer
8. Matt B., 44, Nice Shoes
9. Patrick S., 43, PS 260
10. Rhys T., 42, (PS 260, husband of Mitch)
11. Bryan W., 41, (+7 tie breaker) PS 260
12. Madeleine Sacknuts, 41, (+8 tie breaker) PS 260
13. Matt C., 40, (+4 tie breaker) Nice Shoes
14. Erik C., 40, (+6 tie breaker) PS 260
15. Amy S., 38, (+2 tie breaker) On The Road With Judas, 1 one-pionter
16. Ronan N., 38, (+6 tie breaker) All Day Buffet
17. Vincas, 37, (+2 tie breaker) Go Robot
18. Robert R., 37, (+4 tie breaker) PS 260 1 one-pionter
19. Stephen R., 36 (0 tie breaker) Nice Shoes 2 one-pointers
20. Denise S., 36 (+1 tie breaker) A-List
21. Alisa S., 36 (+5 tie breaker) Go Robot
22. Zarina M., 35 (+2 tie breaker) PS 260
23. Ned B., 35 (+10 tie breaker) PS 260
24. Chirs O., 34 (+6 tie breaker) Nice Shoes 1 one-pointer
25. Adam L., 34 (+7 tie breaker) Go Robot
26. Mark R., 33, Nice Shoes, 2 one-pointers
27. Ronda M., 32, (Brandname, wife of Marlin)
28. Schreck, 31 (+1 tie breaker) Nice Shoes
29. Craig B., 31 (+4 tie breaker) Go Robot
30. Grant G., 30 (+2 tie breaker) BBDO, 2 one-pointers
31. Dan W., 30, (+9 tie breaker) Go Robot
32. Lez R., 30 (+10 tie breaker) Nice Shoes
33. Katie S., 29 (+5 tie breaker) Nice Shoes
34. Kristen K., 29 (+8 tie breaker) Nice Shoes
35. Joe K., 29 (+9 tie breaker) Go Robot
36. Tim W., 28 (+8 tie breaker) Go Robot, 1 one-pointer
37. John Z., 28 (+11 tie breaker) PS 260
38. Ben S., 27, Go Robot, 1 one-pointer
39. Chris R., 26 (+5 tie breaker) Nice Shoes, 1 one-pointer
40. Damon C., 26 (+6 tie breaker) Nice Shoes
41. Jenna + Ria, 26 (+11 tie breaker) PS 260
42. Jay S., 25, Nice Shoes
43. Gene C., 24, Nice Shoes
44. Jennifer D., 23, On The Road With Judas
45. Jason K., 22, PS 260
46. Adrian G., 21 (+4 tie breaker) PS 260
46. George A., 21 (+4 tie breaker) (PS 260, Adrians Friend)
48. Nicole S., 21 (+10 tie breaker) Brandname
49. Marta M., 20, (no written company) 1 one-pointer
50. Michael R., 16, Nice Shoes

What a beautiful amount of players. Lets up it again next year, okay.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Oscar Pool Blowout!

Oscar time at PS is always rather exciting. The Oscar Pool consumes us in an overly nerdy way, but whatever we're all A/V Nerds. This year, we decided to let other Post Companies in on the fun, and they responed with the same zeal. Look at all the entries!

And of course, with all those entries means all the Money!

450 american! Thats double last years take. Incredible. With all this outside competition, we hope that PS can keep this in the family. i guess we'll see. also, if you want to try at home, pleas use the official ballot. Note the weighted categories.

The man to beat here is star picker Maury. He has won two years. Let's see the breakdown:

2003: 3 Way tie Dustin, Maury, Ronan
2004: Bill (ex-assistant we let play)
2005: Maury, again.

Stay tuned for the winner and prize ceremony next week.